MySQL to Oracle

MySQL database to Oracle migratory application imports entire or selected data records from MySQL db to Oracle format. Advanced database conversion software support all MySQL database data types, multi byte character set and Unicode architecture set.

MySQL to Oracle

Download MySQL database to Oracle translator utility which saves your time by automatically converting single or multiple database records from MySQL database to Oracle format within limited time period. MySQL database converter software has the advanced professional feature that does not change the default value of your MySQL table records such as primary key, data types, database schema, tables, and default values while converting into Oracle format. MySQL database to Oracle translation utility takes less time to convert whole database records. Professional MySQL to Oracle is a small but powerful application that converts either entire MySQL database records or records from tables of interest from MySQL to Oracle database. Expert MySQL to Oracle db converter is a powerful tool to convert any MySQL file to an Oracle database utilizing a very easy to use wizard style interface that support so many advanced options like scheduling, command line support, table selection, field selection etc. The wizard also store any MySQL database file into an Oracle dump file to import it to Oracle db even if remote connection to the Oracle server is not available.Features:* MySQL to Oracle database converting tool installed on all Windows based operating system and supports multi byte character set.* MySQL to Oracle database converter converters whole or selected database records and generates reliable solution in cost effective manner.* Database migratory for MySQL to Oracle allows you to choose option to convert MySQL records into a new database, overwrite an existing one or append only new values to an existing database.* MySQL database to Oracle transformer utility is compatible with all latest versions of MySQL and Oracle database.


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